Case Study - Buying A Villa In Bali?

Meet Josh and Dana Kopelman, a young couple in their mid 40’es that live in New York. Josh and Dana came to visit Bali in December 2014 during their holiday vacation and fell in love with the Island!

They were thinking about buying a real estate property in New York for a while, but they couldn’t afford buying an apartment there. Yet, their limited savings could buy a full Villa in Bali!

They decided that they want to own a piece of paradise, make some passive income to supplement Josh's work and have a vacation property to come to during Christmas vacations.

We helped Josh acquire a 2BD Villa in Ubud, Bali for $40,000 in March 2015. The fully-managed Villa generates $2,340 in Net Profit a month (after all expenses, including stuff and maintenance) and it is rented for short term stay on AirBnb by the staff. Within 18 months, the Koplemans returned their original investment. Today they are making $27,600 a year in Passive Income without spending time actively managing their property. They should make ~$650,000 in Profit over the term of their lease from their original $40,000 investment.

Josh Kopleman wrote us “I’m very happy with the purchase of the Vila in Bali. I’m an accountant and have zero extra time apart of my work and family. So having my Villa managed by the local staff and just getting their monthly reports, makes it super easy to collect passive income especially as i'm across the ocean. We love coming back to Bali every couple of years and having our own place on the rice fields.

Thank you Wayan, Made and the rest of the team for your help in facilitating the sale and holding our hand throughout the process.” - Josh