How is Corona Virus Affecting Bali Real Estate market?

Asia was hit with the virus earlier than Europe and it seems to be showing several signs of steps being taken to return to normalcy ahead of the drastic changes underway in the colder regions of Europe. Nobody can really accurately predict when air travel and handshakes will be deemed OK again, so an element of patience is required to fully understand what would be the full ramifications of COVID-19.

Luckily, in Indonesia, the number of confirmed cases is still low (117 reported cases as of March 15 2020). Indonesia’s hot and humid tropical climate surely has something to do with it. Virologists say the virus spreads more easily in cold temperatures as sunlight and heat give a halt to the growth of the virus and limits longevity. A pathology professor at the University of Hong Kong, Dr, John Nicholls, stated there are 3 things that the coronavirus doesn’t like: sunlight, temperature and humidity. Bali is humid and hot all year round with an average of 27-degrees. The climate here on the island together with the measures Indonesia has taken and a lot of attention to proper hygiene, make Bali seem like a good place to be during the slowdown. Beach, tropical heat, open-air..... there are worse places to be and wait it out!

Smart property investment has always been a play between patience and fortitude and the present time is no different. During this period of uncertainty opportunities will come up that smart investors can act quickly on and profit handsomely from. There would be panicked sellers that will be interested to sell and wise investors could pick up assets at bottom prices. Buy Bali Villa is ready to work with you to obtain these profitable assets. We are foreseeing that the Leasehold market in most of Bali's touristic areas will become softer in the coming months as both foreign and domestic investors will be keen to see how the prices fluctuate. As of this writing our market is outperforming the gold market - by a substantial margin. Property is a bit of a slower 'play' than commodities, and if your investment is for personal use and rental income combined, you should play the long -term as Bali will continue to become a favorite travel destination after the world figured out a way to eradicate COVID-19 like it did with so many viruses before it.