8 Reasons To Own Property In Bali...

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Bali Home, rice fields views

1. The people are really helpful and friendly- The Balinese people are some of the friendliest and most helpful people you'll ever meet. There’s anything you'll want- whether it’s cooking a meal for visiting guests, or getting your bike fixed- someone will be there to do it for you.

2. The food is delicious!- Standard local food in Bali like Nasi Goreng, Mie Goreng, Chicken Satay, Babi Guling and Bakso Soup is delicious and cheap, only $1 USD. You can also find every kind of international food so you could eat Moroccan, Greek, Japanese, Mexican and Italian food all in one night.

3. It’s a cheap place to live- Scooter rental - $50 USD per month, three course meal- $7, full-body massage - $5. If you’re traveling and trying to make your money stretch further, then Bali is definitely a place you can do that. Bali is still cheap as chips.

4. You’re exposed to new cultures and sights- This is the main thing that you definitely can’t get at home. In England or Paris you don’t look out on rice fields or wake up to the sound of geckos and cockerels. You can’t visit a monkey temple or a Balinese medicine man. You won't see Canang Sari flower baskets covering the streets or get offered a massage whilst eating your breakfast.

5. Hot, sunny weather and tropical beaches- Unless you’re one of those pale people who hate the sun and get a rash when they’re exposed to the heat, then you probably appreciate a nice sandy beach with a few palm trees. Bali, being an island, has a hot tropical climate- in the ‘summer’ it’s hot but not too humid and it’s generally sunny every day. In winter it can be hot, sticky and humid but there’s also quite a lot of rainfall.

6. There are beaches everywhere- long, flat, sandy beaches with rolling waves in Kuta and Seminyak, black sand beaches with unruly waves in Canggu, sheltered coves with cliffs and rocks in Uluwatu, Bingin and Balangan or white paradise beaches in Padangbai.

7. It’s a great place to surf- If you love to surf then Bali is a dream come true. With some of the best waves in the world, the main dilemma for a surfer every day is, which break shall I surf? For a beginner it’s a great place to start without the need for a wetsuit.

8. There’s opportunity and a positive attitude- People in Bali , whether expats or Indonesians, are really friendly, helpful and have a positive attitude. People don’t focus on the negative in Bali, everyone smiles and tries to make conversation with you and tries to help you out. Maybe it’s all that Vitamin D from the sunshine, but if I walk through a street in New York, London or Paris you wouldn't get a hello from anyone. If you want to start a business in Bali, there’s plenty of opportunity to be creative.