3 Tips to Lower Your Closing Costs When Buying a Villa in Bali

private villa bali
Private villa in Bali - Swimming pool on rice fields

Buy a Leasehold not a Freehold! A Freehold is much more expensive and you can get the same ownership benefits with a Leasehold.

  1. When closing, your Notary, and all do, record a low purchase price saving you on the Purchase Tax.

  2. Don't use a multi-listings site. Their villas are pricier by 25%-75% and add on 10% broker fee. We find undervalued properties, sourced from local owners that provide higher return for our buyers. Remember! you make money Buying Low and selling high. If you buy at full market price, you already lost 15% return.

If you are looking for a great investment that:

  • provides solid passive income

  • has existing staff that takes care of it

  • makes you smile (hay, you own a vacation property in Bali!), and

  • appreciates over time Then you should visit www.buybalivilla.com or email buybalivilla@gmail.com and we'll help you own a villa in Bali!