The Best Villas In Bali 

In 13 years we sold 150+ turnkey properties to foreign investors. Their feedback to us was that they appreciated seeing only the 
6 best villas and not wasting time hunting 20+ villas and getting confused & overwhelmed. 

Why? because for a turnkey investment property it's all about the Return-On-Investment (ROI) and not about how cool the bathroom looks ( you don't live there). Remember, your'e buying an income stream

We do all the filtering for you, so you don't waste your time.

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Pool view 3
luxury villas bali - Pearl Villa View of Infinity Pool
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Apollo Villa

$87,000, 15% ROI

2 BD, 1 Bath

Violet Villa

$139,000, 10% ROI

2BD, 2Bath, Shared Pool

Diamond Villa

$209,000, 10% ROI

2BD, 1Bath, Private Pool

Living area and veranda.jpg

Astro Villa

$78,000, 12% ROI

1 BD, 1 Bath, Shared pool 

View of pool and entryway at evening.png

Ivy Villa

$169,000, 13% ROI

2BD, 2Bath, Private Pool

View of pool, ourdoor dining room and en

Iris Villa

$189,000, 12% ROI

2 BD, 2 Bath, Private Pool

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Remind me why I should select a property based on ROI?


When you look at luxury villas in Bali you are looking to get a piece of paradise but, more importantly, earn passive income. For investment property it's all about the Return-On-Investment (ROI). While Bali's luxury villas are stunning, you shouldn't be too concerned with how nice the bathroom looks. More critically, look at the property's ability to be rented out and generate passive income. So if the ROI is good (above 10%), it means that:
1) The location is good (otherwise past guests wouldn’t have rented it) 


2) The Villa’s appeal to guests is right (so apparently the bathroom is gorgeous enough, otherwise the Villa's reviews won't be as high and it wouldn’t achieve the occupancy ratio or justify the price-per-night it rents for).

3) The purchase price is right (otherwise the ROI would be lower)

So which of these luxury Villas should I buy? 

It really depends on your budget. As foreign investors can't get a mortgage/loan from an Indonesian bank, you will need to have the full purchase amount to be able to buy the villa. If you can afford a higher purchase price, the value appreciation of the luxury Villa in Bali over time will translate into a higher sell price and higher ROI.  

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