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Lily Villa

Lily Villa is located at an eco-retreat nested on vast rice fields with jungle views in Ubud, Bali.

The house is serene and minimal in the Japanese zen tradition with a beautiful fish pond and large balcony. A relaxing place to meditate, relax and watch amazing sunsets. It is the ideal place to be with nature yet close enough to Ubud and all its restaurants and wonderful attractions.

The 3BD Villa can sleep 7 people and has direct views to the rice fields. In addition a separate living & entertainment room. It has a large deck area to sunbath or watch the sunset. 

A beautiful shared lap pool with massive views of the rice field and jungles is just few steps away.  

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Earn Passive Income

Make $25,000 in Passive Income a Year !

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What makes this property a good Investment?  

TripAdvisor crowned Bali as the Most Desired Travel Destination in 2017. 

Every year, 10 million tourists arrived to Bali and this number is growing by 10.1% annually, creating large demand for short-term rental.  

Because of this growing demand, property values increased 15% annually (from 2014 to 2019).  

If you are looking for a great investment that appreciates over time, provides solid passive income, makes you smile while thinking about your next vacation and, gives you bragging rights (... i just bought a villa in Bali!), then you should look seriously at purchasing a villa in Bali!   

Ubud is the most visited town in Bali. The average nightly rent for a 2BD unit around Ubud is $89/night (according to Airdna, an Airbnb research service). The properties in the resort reach 80% occupancy rate.  


Lily Villa generates USD $2,083 in income per month (USD $24,991 a year in revenue) and $18,681 in Annual Profit after expenses. With 25 years on the lease, an investor will return their investment in 8.5 years and can generate a total of  $467,00 in Profit.


The Villa has a dedicated management and maintenance staff that are part of the resort. The staff cleans the villa everyday, and will fix any issue related to the Villa. The staff is on-property 24/7 and will check-in your renters with a smile.

The staff speak English fluently and can manage your AirBNB or account. 
They get raving reviews from guests who stay in the Villa. They are kind, caring and take care of problems that arise fast. 

The maintenance fees are only USD $250/month (it's not a typo, labor in Bali is very affordable!) and includes:

  • Daily cleaning of the Villa

  • Gardening maintenance

  • Electricity costs

  • Internet/Wifi 

  • Pool cleaning and maintenance

Any ongoing small fixes to the Villa are billed per cost and are relatively cheap. 


In addition, this Villa is already serving as a rental property with star rating on 4.85. See below reviews it received on the quality of the service, location and value it provides to guests


























This villa is ideal for a foreign investor who wants a hassle-free passive income.


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View Pictures of Villa, Pool and Views: 

View of Living Room
Outside View of the Villa
Outside View of the Villa
Shared pool view
View of the Kitchen
View of entertainment room
View of master bedroom and living room
view of Master bedroom from living area
View of Fish pond from 2nd bedroom
View of Bathroom
View of Balcony and rice fields views
View of rice fields and lounging chairs
View of fish Pond
View of outside dining table
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View of pool and rice fields
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Lily Villa is a private villa located in the little eco-friendly community. The original two-story structure villa has been improved over the last years with an extended wooden deck facing the rice fields and an additional pavilion facing a fish lotus pond. With this extension, the guest can really enjoy more privacy and space while experiencing the quality of life of the village.

Lily Villa has 3 separate bedrooms, each bedroom with double bed, mosquito nets and fans. It is designed using the concept of outdoor-indoor living with large sliding glass doors and an alang alang roof.

With this eco design, the villa has excellent air flow and ventilation therefore no air conditioning. The villa has a uniquely large living open space and a covered terrace facing the rice fields that is a perfect space to relax, meditate, work or play.


Lily Villa is located just 5 minutes from the center of Ubud. Bali. Ubud is the cultural and culinary center of Bali. Higher in elevation and, therefore, cooler than the hot beach resorts, it has a perfect weather most year-round. Ubud is a town with excellent shopping, restaurants, museums, dance, arts and crafts – a great center for tourism.

It is the hub of many Yoga, Meditation and Healing institutions and activities. It is world-wide famous for its art, culture and has more than 400 restaurants to choose from of all food varieties. Check out this video to see some of what Ubud has to offer:   


The Villa is nested adjacent to a traditional rice fields where you can see traditional farming on a daily basis. The local people are very friendly and all the workers in the resort are from the nearby village. They have plenty to give and will often invite you to share their festivals, tradition and food. You will witness Hindu ceremonies, daily offerings to the good, rounding up ducks in the rice fields, picking plants for food and the local kids flying kites over the rice fields in the afternoon – an amazing sight!