Bali Houses For Sale,

Why Should You Invest? 

Bali is a beautiful tropical island that was crowned by TripAdvisor as the Most Desired Travel Destination in 2017. 


10 million tourists arrived to Bali in 2018 and visitors are growing by 10.1% annually


Due to demand, property values increased 15% annually in the last 5 years.  

If you are looking for a houses for sale in Bali that are a great investment, appreciates over time, provides solid passive income, makes you smile while thinking about your next vacation and, gives you bragging rights (...Hey, I just bought a villa in Bali!), then you should invest and purchase a villa in Bali!   

About Bali

Bali is an island located in the the Indonesian archipelago and was crowned by TripAdvisor as the Most Desired Destination in 2018.

It is called the Island of Gods as there are close to 1,000 temples over the island and it's population is known to be very kind, gentle and artistic. The local economy used to be based on farming the thousands of rice fields but in the last 20 years transitions to Tourism and Hospitality. 

Bali has only 3,280,000 full-time residents yet receives 10 million tourists a year as it is considered the most beautiful and unique island in Indonesia and is also special as it is primarily Hindu, therefore, many traditional crafts, art, music and religious ceremonies survived and are visible to the visitor.  

Thanks to its government's significant investment in infrastructures (roads, international and national airport, maritime connections, etc), Bali is has become in the last 10 years a very desired destination for both local and international tourists and foreign investors who are looking for Bali houses for sale. 

Most Desired Destination 

Bali is a magical island that has everything an outdoorsy person dreams of. There are several volcanic mountains that you can climb and see a magnificent sunrise from its top, jungles, tremendous rice fields, wide rivers, white and black sand beaches lined with coconut trees and great waves.

You can find plenty of outdoor activities in Bali from white water rafting, scuba diving, snorkeling, surfing, kite boarding, hiking and much more. 

If you are less outdoorsy you can relax and enjoy the many healing, meditations and spa activities. Daily classes of yoga and pilates occur everywhere and you will easily find cooking-classes, art classes (wood carving, painting and even kite building). 

Bundle all these activities with an affordable selection of local and international food and you have the perfect vacation for every type of traveler.  You can relax or be active, - you will definitely enjoy your time in Bali and have memories for a lifetime! 

Indonesia is a large country, with 260 million people in more than 17,500 islands.  Bali is located in the middle of the archipelago and provides the opportunity to travel around some of these.

Learn About Bali Houses For Sale

What is the currency in Bali?

The currency in Bali, is Indonesian Rupias (IDR). It is very simple to change euros or US dollars or any other currency in Bali. There are currency exchange in the airport and in every large town. You can also easily use your credit card.

What is the weather like in Bali?

Bali is a tropical island so most of the year It feels just perfectly warm, sunny with no rain with average temperture of 31° (87 Fahrenheit) which is about 3° lower in Ubud (28° and 82 Fahrenheit) as it has higher elevation. The so-called "dry season" spans from March to October (around 27°) and the "wet season" is between November to February in which you should expect to have couple of hours of rain in the late afternoon. The sun raises at 6am and sets at 6:30pm all year long leaving 12.5 hours of nice, shinny, cloud-less skies.

Which religion is practiced in Bali?

Bali is different from the neighboring Muslim islands, because 95% of the population is Hindi.

It is very nice to walk around Bali and see adults and children praying, dressed in sarongs, with the typical belts and lace shirts that Balinese women wear for ceremonies.

There are more than 1,000 Hindu temples in Bali, which are very beautiful places full of tradition and history.

Even if Bali is modernizing rapidly, ancestral traditions are highly preserved and everyone is free to practice their religion freely.

What language do Balinese speak?

On Bali English is a very common language and you can get by with it anywhere. Local Balinese learn Balinese and Indonesian which is their official language. Indonesian uses the same english characters and it is easy to learn.

Today, because the young generation is more educated and learn English at school, almost all Balinese speak English well and becuase of their interaction with tourists many Balinese can speak additional languages, such as French, Spanish and Russian.

What kind of food you eat in Bali?

Bali has a variety of food from all over the world. Many international 5-star chefs made Bali their home and thus you'll find in Bali amazing restaurants offering international and local food alike.

Balinese usually eat very spicy dishes but they know how to adapt to occidental tastes. Bali is a country with delicious dishes. Nasi goreng is the local traditional rice dish, personalized by each cook.
You can try Sates, small meat skewers, cooked over a wood fire, with a peanut sauce. Balinese are fond of pork too, "Babi" in Indonesian, and of duck "Babek. You can eat fish, shrimps, lobsters, delicious vegetables and fruit.

The local Warung are very cheap local restaurants that will provide you a good lunch with a drink for under $2 USD.

What is the main industry in Bali?

Today, Balinese live essentially on tourism. Previously, rice culture was the main source of work alongside fishing, and they remain the main source of income for the poor.
The island benefits from a very particular quality of rice culture, that allows three harvests of rice a year, a unique advantage.
Becuase of the tourism Bali the richest island amonf all 17,000 islands in Indonesia (per inhabitant).

Medical and quality of care in Bali

There are several good hospitals in Bali and many medical clinics that take care of everyday medical issues. All having good western class doctors who speak perfect English. The best hospitals are located in the South of Kuta island (e.g. BIMC and Siloam hospitals). There is no mandatory vaccination requirement when you travel to Bali. There is no need for an anti-malarian treatment.

Transportation in Bali

Bali has good tranporation infrustructure with good quality roads. That said, because it is an island, many of the roads around the villages and towns are one lane roads for each direction which makes it more conducive to riding a scooter. Riding a scooter will make it easier and more enjoyable to get around Bali. If you prefer to drive a car you can easily rent one or just take a taxi, a very cheap option.

How is Corona Virus affecting Bali?

Asia was hit with the virus earlier than Europe and it seems to be showing several signs of steps being taken to return to normalcy ahead of the drastic changes underway in the colder regions of Europe. Nobody can really accurately predict when air travel and handshakes will be deemed OK again, so an element of patience is required for sure. So then, what it really means for the property market is still unclear.

Smart property investment has always been a play between patience and fortitude and the present time is no different. Opportunities will come up that need to be seriously considered and we stand ready to work with you. We are foreseeing that the Leasehold market in most of Bali's touristic areas will be soft in the coming months as both foreign and domestic investors will be keen to see how the prices fluctuate. As of this writing our market is outperforming the gold market - by a substantial margin. Property is a bit of a slower 'play' than commodities, and if your investment is for personal use and rental income combined, you've got to consider that even though you cannot monetize your 3 week holiday in Bali now it still apprecaites in value as the fear from Corona Virus dissipiates.

Luckily, in Indonesia, the number of confirmed cases is still low (117 reported cases as of March 15 2020). Indonesia’s hot and humid tropical climate surely has something to do with it. Virologists say the virus spreads more easily in cold temperatures as sunlight and heat give a halt to the growth of the virus and limits longevity. A pathology professor at the University of Hong Kong, Dr, John Nicholls, stated there are 3 things that the coronavirus doesn’t like: sunlight, temperature and humidity. Bali is humid and hot all year round with an average of 27-degrees. The climate here on the island together with the measures Indonesia has taken and a lot of attention to proper hygiene, make Bali seem like a good place to be during the slowdown. Beach, tropical heat, open-air..... there are worse places to be and wait it out!

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