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  1. Complete the purchase successfully

  2. Know there's someone on-the-ground that takes care of your interest 

  3. Guarantee your ROI 

We understand that buying a villa in a different country can seem daunting.

That’s why we provide a 
full guarantee so you will:


We guarantee your expected monthly income for the first three months after the purchase (i.e we will match the published income), so you can trust that you are getting the published return-on-investment.  

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Professional Inspection

We pay for a professional inspection conducted by a external 3rd party company. You receive a report detailing all potential issues and we require the seller to fix all problems valued $65 USD and above . 

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Your deposit is placed in a U.S. Escrow account, protected by U.S financial law and not in an Indonesian escrow account. 

Your money is returned if any issue arises and the transaction is not completed.