Chris & Nina,

Colorado, USA

My wife and I bought a two bedroom villa in Ubud in February of 2018.  When we were looking for bali homes for sale we were introduced to Ron who showed us several properties for sale. 

We like a specific one and purchased it. We use the villa ourselves for couple of weeks a year when we take time off of work and the rest of the time it’s available for rent.  The local staff managed by Made, is doing all the work for us. They communicate with guests on Airbnb, take the bookings, greet the guests when they come in, clean the villa and until now maintained a fantastic 4.8 star ratings for our villa on Airbnb. All the reviews mention how great the local staff are.


The rental income has exceeded what we expected and seems to be running at around the 80-85% occupancy mark. We are happy with the purchase, the fact that we have a “home” in Bali and the passive income our investment makes.


Thank you Ron and Wayan for making our dream come true. 

Daniel S,


We manage a $150 Million USD family office fund that focuses on Real Estate opportunities in Asia. 

Working with Ron and his team was our first investment in Bali.  the team was ultra professional and worked closely with us to secure the hotel property, close the transaction and manage the transition.


We have purchased 3 properties to date and the returns are in line with what we were presented, so our investors are very pleased with our decision to acquire in Bali. 

We plan to continue working with Ron on future opportunities.

Pam L,

Perth, Australia

I was looking for homes for sale in Bali and was introduced by a mutual friend who already bought a villa from Ron. From our very first call I felt a connection with your team. You were very transparent about the process, the options, the cost and the time it will take me to buy a home in Bali.

Like anyone taking a leap of faith in a foreign country I certainly had my reservations and apprehensions about investing in Bali, however the whole process turned out quite seamless and I could not speak more highly of your professionalism. 


I was looking to have an income source in retirement and also have a piece of heaven for myself when visiting Bali which I do three times a year.

Since I bought in 2016, the villa is renting very well and having the local staff manage it for me makes it really easy.


I must admit this was much less stressful than any property transaction that I’ve been involved with in Australia. This was a very pleasant surprise. Thank you. 

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