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Apollo Villa 

Nothing's more captivating than the view and scent of the rice fields from your windows. Sleep calmly with the silence and a display of lights by the fireflies.

Being strategically located just 5 mins drive from Ubud, the spiritual heart of Bali, where you will find both Hindu temples and many shopping, galleries, markets, yoga and nightlife venues. 


Apollo Villa has 2 large bedrooms complete with comfy beds, high ceilings, magical amenities ensuite bathrooms. From the living room see breathtaking views across the sweeping rice paddies and coconut trees.

Relax in tranquil surrounds listening only to the sounds of nature while resting in a spacious living and lovely appointed marble kitchen.

Just step outside to a enjoy your private pool. Relax and be one with the nature.


The Villa has a staff  that can manage all aspects of renting it to short-term guests. 

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Earn Passive Income

Make $ 22,183 in Passive Income a Year !

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What makes Apollo Villa a good Investment?  

1) Professionally managed Villa with Rental Track Record

The Villa has a management and maintenance staff that rents and takes care of the villa's needs. The staff cleans the villa everyday, and will fix any issue related to the Villa. The staff is on-property 24/7 and will check-in your renters with a smile. Staff speak English fluently and can manage your AirBNB or Booking.com account. 

2) Great location, just 5 min from Ubud center

TripAdvisor crowned Bali as the Most Desired Travel Destination in 2017. 
Every year, 10 million tourists arrived to Bali and this number is growing by 10.1% annually, creating large demand for short-term rental.  
Ubud is the most visited town in Bali. 

3) Awesome Passive Income and 15% ROI !

Apollo Villa generates USD $22,183 a year in revenue and $12,690 in Annual Profit after expenses. With 7 years on the lease + 15 extension (at an additional cost of $13,000) , an investor can generate a total of  $488,026 in income.

Bottom Line:  

If you are looking for a great investment that appreciates over time, provides solid passive income, makes you smile while thinking about your next vacation and, gives you bragging rights (... i just bought a villa in Bali!), then you should contact us regarding purchasing Apollo Villa!   


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See Apollo Villa

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View Pictures of Villa, Pool and Views: 

Garden view2
Pool view 3
Way to the pool
View from outside
Dining area view 5
Dining area view 3
Dining area view 4
Living room View 4
Living room view 2
Living room view2
Living room view1
At the other side of the stair
Staircase view1
Bedroom 1 view
View from Bedroom 1
Bedroom 2 view2
Bedroom 2 view1
Kitchen view 1
Kitchen view 3
At the kitchen
Dining area view 2
Dining area view 1
Bathroom view 1
Bathroom view 3
Bathroom view 2
Garden view1
View of the ricefield and the pool
Pool view
View of the pool1

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Apollo Villa is located just 5 minutes from the center of Ubud. Bali. Ubud is the cultural and culinary center of Bali. Higher in elevation and, therefore, cooler than the hot beach level, it has a perfect weather most year-round.

Ubud is a town with excellent shopping, restaurants, museums, dance, arts and crafts – a great center for tourism.

It is the hub of many Yoga, Meditation and Healing institutions and activities. It is world-wide famous for its art, culture and has more than 400 restaurants to choose from of all food varieties. Check out this video to see some of what Ubud has to offer:   

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