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How's Corona Impacted Bali ? 

COVID-19 impacted tourism around the world and also Bali. To protect its citizens Bali closed international flights from Feb 2020 and only opened its airports and the ability to get visa on arrival on March 7 2022.


During this two years, real estate prices fell and this creates a unique timely opportunity for wise investors to buy a dream property at a bargain price as Bali returns to become a favorite travel destination.

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View of pool, ourdoor dining room and en
Pool view 3

 Apollo Villa

$87,000, 15% ROI

2 BD, 1 Bath

Bali Real Estate Villas - Pearl Villa View of Infinity Pool

 Violet Villa

$139,000, 10% ROI

2 BD, 2 Bath, Shared pool

View from Rice Paddy.jpg

Diamond Villa

$209,000, 10% ROI

2 BD, 1 Bath, Private Pool

Astro Villa

$87,000, 12% ROI

Ivy Villa

$169,000, 13% ROI

2 BD, 2 Bath, Private pool

Iris Villa

$189,000, 12% ROI

1 BD, 1Bath, Shared Pool

2 BD, 2 Bath, Private Pool

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